26th Birthday and Pumpkins

Oct 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris! I made him a M&M Bouquet, it was really pretty, there are lots of different colors of bags of M&Ms. I also got him The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, the hard bound set. He loves them.

The surprise is still coming so I will have to wait until later to post about it. I can’t wait. It will be tonight, so you all might have to wait until tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Today we went to a pumpkin patch and we got 4 pumpkins. Taiten got a little one he could carry, then we got one for me, one for Chris and one for Erik and Erin (my brother and his girl friend). It should be fun to carve them. I am excited about it. I bought a pumpkin carving knife and a book of designs, there are some neat ones. Our camera is on the fritz so I don’t have pics of the outing, but I will post a pic of the carved pumpkins when we are done.

I also bought a cherry pie. I LOVE cherries, dried, canned, but especially fresh off the tree! Have to wait until next summer for that though! I bought the pie, a bake at home type, because I am the world’s worst pie crust maker.

I am the world’s worst at two things, pie crusts, and frosting cakes. I swear, I might as well mash the cake and frosting together, that’s about how it looks when I am done with it anyway. Thank goodness for my mom! She’s helping with Chris’ cake when she gets off work!

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