Pregnancy Differences

Oct 24, 2006

You will all find it boring for sure! I just noticed that this pregnancy is much different from my first. In my first I had two symptoms: nausea/vomiting, and heart burn. This time I have EVERYTHING! Nausea/vomiting, heart burn, leg cramps, head aches, dizziness, little abdominal cramps (nothing scary, just teeny tiny ones).

Plus I have been having lots and lots of dreams. And a lot of nightmares. I have scary nightmares about a gunman holding up a room of children and I have to find a way to save them. Or I am being attacked by a wild animal or person and I have to defend myself. I’m not scared to fall asleep, but I am tired of these dreams. I didn’t have anything like that the first time around. I did have more non-scary dreams, but I think pregnant women dream more anyway.

And here is another tid bit. I am already in maternity clothes. I outgrew my pants even though I haven’t gained any weight. I can still squeeze into them, but it’s not worth it. I’d rather be comfortable! Pregnancy stuff is comfy. I can still wear my shirts if they are long enough to cover up the big belly on the pants. I’m not ready for the shirts yet, and I am not showing at all. I can feel my uterus though, it’s a little bigger than a large apple. Baby is growing and happy!

I have posted this before, but people keep asking anyway: My due date is May 1st, but I will deliver a week prior by C Section.

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