Reading Books

I have been reading a lot lately, that is, when I am not parked in front of the TV. In the last few weeks I have read The Scarlet Letter, A Christmas Carol and I am just starting Wuthering Heights. I am reading them all for the first time in an effort to not turn my brain to mush. I read Sense and Sensibility a couple months ago too. If any of my friends have read these I would love to hear your thoughts about them.

The Scarlett Letter: I read half of The Custom House (preface to the book) and it was SO BORING. I skipped the rest of that and went ahead to the book. I loved it. It is a great book. It’s easy to read, only a few parts seem confusing but they are explained as you read. I would have done the end different, but I am a happy endings type of girl. If you are planning to read it, the ending isn’t necessarily sad, just not as happy as I would like it. I am a fan of Chick Lit books for that reason, the endings are always happy.

A Christmas Carol: I have seen several different movie productions, but never read the book until now. I saw the one with Kelsey Grammar and the one with Patrick Stewart. I think the one with Patrick Stewart kept the integrity of the story best. There were a few changes, and a scene or two left out, but nothing tremendous. The script was kept almost exactly the same. I was impressed with that as I read. It’s an easy read, less than 100 pages. I really loved it. Charles Dickens paints a wonderful picture with words.

Wuthering Heights: I barely started this one today so I don’t have much to say. In my edition Charlotte Bronte wrote a forward and also an explanation of the difficulties of publishing books in their time. All three sisters had to take on the names of men to do it, and they were not received well anyway. Her two sisters, Emily and Anne, died of consumption (TB) within months of each other, before their books became successes. Sad story. I am looking forward to diving into this book!

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