3 OB Appointments Apr 6,13, 20

OB Appt #9, 37 Weeks (Almost)
The appointment went well. In the last two weeks I have gained almost 5 pounds. I was expecting that though. I gained the most with Taiten in the last month. I have had to start eating in the middle of the night or be sick in the morning again. I would rather pack on a few more pounds and not be sick! So I am up to about 35 pounds gained now. With a little over 3 weeks left to wait, I think that’s pretty good. I would have to gain another 40 in these last 3 weeks to be where I was with Taiten, so I am very greatful for how things have turned out.

I am dilated to a 1. I was surprised at that. I have been contracting a lot so I thought I would be more dilated. With Taiten, I was at 3cm at the first appointment I was checked at. (For those of you who have no clue what this means, once you hit 10 you start pushing, and you can dilate for weeks until you deliver.)

I am sick again, ugh. It just feels like a cold this time. I hope it stays this way. No more bacterial infections or viruses for me please!

And the last noteworthy thing to tell you all is I am going to take a little break from 360. It might be a day, a week, or whatever. I am feeling, as ATS put it, all blogged down. I need to just step back and take a break for a bit. It was either this, or eliminate friends from my list again and I don’t really want to do that. I have one more little thing to post and then that will be it for a little while.

Car, Poll, OB (Updated with 38 week appointment)
We are thinking about getting a new car. We are looking at a VW Jetta today. It’s smaller than our van, but we don’t really need anything huge. We will miss being able to haul stuff, but we don’t want to keep paying $200+ a month in gas! We found a good deal, and if everything goes well we might even have the car today. It’s a diesel engine which is awesome because we will probably convert it to bio-diesel once we learn more about it, like where we would get oil for it.

I have another OB appointment today. I’ll add to this post later so if you are interested in what’s going on check back later, like tonight or tomorrow morning since you are all in different time zones!

Here’s the UPDATE:

I measured 38 inches for 38 weeks. I gained nothing last week. Everything is fine. I met a student doctor today and he said he will be sitting in on my surgery. I have no problem with that as long as he doesn’t touch me! I have had a horrible experience with a student nurse that scarred me for life so I can’t have him doing anything or I will flip out. He said he will just observe so that’s fine with me!

OB Appt #10, 39 Weeks
Everything is still good! I gained 2 more pounds which surprised me. I am hungry about every half hour it seems, and SO TIRED of eating!! I’m wondering if I am going to have a monster sized baby with the way I need to eat! I am up to 37 pounds so that’s good with my goal of staying under 50.

I have one more appointment, and then my surgery and baby will be here. It’s coming up fast, are you all ready??? I hope we are. We have our ditch dug so we can do the plumbing. We have to buy a few more parts and then throw it all together and we will be able to move! It’s so close now, just a week or so away. I think we will be in before baby comes which is awesome. It still won’t be finished, I won’t be able to cook there, but we will be able to sleep there. That will make a big difference. I have a toaster oven I can use, and we have a mini fridge and a large freezer, but no range just yet. Within a couple months it should be complete, but it will be livable soon soon soon.

Tomorrow is Taiten’s big party with all the cousins. I am so excited. Mom and I made an awesome train cake. I’ll post pics soon. Taiten just loves it!

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