How to bake bread like a Hippie

Written while listening to Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

Sweet Bread
Gather all your healthy ingredients. This could be:

Whole wheat flour
Honey (if you do honey you will also need Baking Powder if you want it to raise at all. 1 tsp for each 3/4 cup of honey)
Anything else you want to throw in.

Mix a few cups of oats and flour, add your liquids (milk, water, oil, honey) and mix it all together. Throw in all the other stuff, your seeds, nuts, raisins, dates, etc.

Grease a bread pan or two and fill them half way up. Bake for one hour at 350*
Cool and share at your peace rally.

Regular Bread

Do the same as above but eliminate the honey and other sweets. Add yeast and let it all raise until it’s doubled. Kneed it and put it in your pans and bake! You can still throw in all the seeds, raisins and nuts you want.

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