Nutritional Blood Analysis

NBA for short!

I had this done today. They took a drop of blood and let me watch my blood on a computer screen. It was so fun to see the red blood cells squish and move around. They slide around each other and change shapes while they do it.

I got to see a white blood cell eating something icky in my blood. I have fungus which is really gross. It’s not yeast yet, but it’s heading that way. I knew something was up, I thought maybe bacteria, but it’ fungus. So I have to be on a sugar, wheat, yeast free diet. This includes almost all fruit. I also am doing a Candida cleanse with herbs, a tincture and probiotics.

I told the man doing the test that I had gone wheat free before and he told me that if I could go wheat free then I could do anything 😉

My diet now has to consist of (for 15 days) spelt, fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, rice, lemons, limes, cranberries, sour apples, plain yogurt almonds, Ezekial bread, herbs… Stuff like that. No fruit, no sugar, no dairy, no wheat.

Anyway, they can check for so many things.
Irregular cells
Fat content of the blood
liver stress
sugar crystals

uric acid: I had uric acid which means I need to eat more enzymes, raw foods or take probiotics. I got probiotics but am going to try for more raw foods too.

clumping red cells

the size of cells:some people have some that don’t form large enough
oval shaped cells indicating hormonal imbalance
target cells indicating not enough iron

ghost cells: these are cool. I had a few, they indicate either poor nutrition or just the life cycle of a cell, cells on the way out. Normal cells are clearly outlined circles and ghost cells look like the ghost version of them. Since I only had a few they aren’t the poor nutrition kind.

damaged cells: I had one, which means free radical damage, it was cool looking too. It was normal except one side looked like a bite had been taken out of it.

dehydration, kidney toxicity, low potassium, blood transfusion are all indicated by spikes on the cells.

liver, lung color toxicity

plaque broken off artery walls

So these are all the things you can see in one tiny drop of blood. And I only had a few of them! I’m doing well.

I highly recommend doing this if you can find one in your area, it was a fun experience.

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