Tidbit from Marriagebuilders.com

* A wife tends to find her husband irresistible when he

1. learns to create an environment of affection that clearly and repeatedly expresses his love for her;
2. sets aside time every day just to talk to her with undivided attention and interest;
3. is completely honest and open with her;
4. provides financial support for her and;
5. is committed to the moral and educational development of their children.

* A husband tends to find his wife irresistible when she

1. learns to join him in a sexual relationship they both find satisfying and enjoyable;
2. becomes his favorite recreational companion;
3. maintains overall appearance in a way that he finds physically attractive;
4. manages household responsibilities and;
5. understands and appreciates him more than anyone else.

3 thoughts on “Tidbit from Marriagebuilders.com

  1. It's all true.
    My hubby and I made list several years ago of things the other one did that made us happy.
    Though our wording wasn't as eloquent, these are the exact things that we had on our lists.


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