Half of the summer is already gone

I woke up this morning thinking about my run today.  I’ve been doing all my runs in the evening but today was a 10am run.  I usually wake up stiff so I wasn’t sure how it would feel and I was preparing my mind for a sub-par run.  But it was awesome!  I felt great, the run felt great.  Kina and I ran 3 minutes, walked a minute, repeat 3 times along the track.  Each time we ran 3 minutes we went further than the time before and it was so fun to see our progress. 

Kina and I have this weird friendship where we talk about all kinds of weird things, I’m not even sure how our conversations ramble so much.  We meant to talk about our training schedule because we haven’t worked the kinks out on that, and we somehow didn’t figure any of that out, but we spent about 10 minutes talking about near-drowning experiences.

I’ve recently been hyper aware that half of the summer is gone already!  I have a couple things planned this month for the kids and my extended family, I get to go to TWO family reunions this year.  Maybe that will make up for missing at least 5 of them in a row.  I need to figure out how we are going to spend August and I’m looking for really fun things to do with the kids, and hopefully Chris can also join in on the fun sometimes.  We spend too much time at home and not enough time out doing things.  It’s just kind of hard to go out and do things when we are so low on cash right now!

What is your MUST DO thing of the summer?

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