Butterfly Express Detox Days 1-3 Report

After Christmas I felt really icky because of all the delicious, rich food I have been eating for two weeks straight.  Nearly every year after Christmas I decide to do a detox of one type or another to come back to balance after the “good” food of the holidays.

Sometimes I do the Dr. Christopher’s juice cleanse, I’ve done that one many times since I took their Family Herbalist course in 2009 or 2010, I can’t remember for sure.  Other times I drink a lot of green smoothies for a while.

This time I wanted to try the Butterfly Express Detox with tinctures.  You can find their method by going to THIS website and scrolling down to Herbs/Salves and clicking on “Doing a Cleanse Right.”  It opens in a PDF so I wanted to share that PDF and also the way to find it.

I have been using BE essential oils exclusively since 2009 when I became a Footzone therapist.  I love this company, I love these oils.  I could rave about them forever, but I digress…

I chose this cleanse because it’s new for me, I believe in this company, and it’s not expensive.  I bought the 4 tinctures they recommend and also the Blessed Water Detox #1 and it cost about $40 including shipping.  I really wanted to do the Green Smoothie Girl detox, but it’s far outside of my budget with prices up to over $400!  Someday I will do it because it sounds amazing, but it will have to be after our finances recover more.

I have been doing the detox for three days now and here is my report.

Day 1

3pm. Box arrives from Butterfly Express with my tinctures!  I open them up and take a dose (10-15 drops) of each.  It’s disgusting!  But so are all tinctures and I know this is good for me.

5pm. My ears itch! I am insanely thirsty and I have to pee A LOT!

6:30pm. Ears aren’t itchy anymore.  I’m a normal amount of thirsty and symptoms are wearing off.

Day 2

8am. I take a dose of each tincture.  The taste seems worse than the day before. Soldiering on.

10am. My ears itch again!  I wonder what is going on with them… yeast? fungus?  Not sure…  very thirsty still and still diuresing.

11:30am.  Ears are back to normal again.  Huh.

2pm. Feeling little pangs near my gall bladder.  It has acted up in minor ways before, I’m glad the detox is working with it.  A couple years ago I had some medical testing and found out there weren’t stones in it, but there is sludge, which can be stones in the making.

The rest of the day is normal.  We go on an overnight trip and I forgot to pack my tinctures.

Day 3

7am wake up and out of bed, my aches and pains are less than usual in the morning, especially considering I slept poorly on a crummy hotel bed.

4pm. Returned home and took the tinctures. They are really gross and I don’t think they will grow on me.  I have started pre-filling the droppers and taking them rapid fire and downing a ton of water afterwards.

5pm really thirsty again, I’m making sure to rehydrate after the weekend of hiking and driving a lot.  Started to have more BMs after this dose as well (sorry for TMI, but I’m trying to chronicle this detox for my own recollection and I’m sharing all).

6pm.  As usual, I have itchy ears.  I emailed BE to ask what they think it might be.  Waiting on a reply.

9:30pm Gall bladder pangs again.  Kind of a dull achy feel, not an attack.  Applying energy work to encourage it to heal.


I am eating cleaner on this detox.  I’ve cut way back on my sugar intake.  I abstained from added sugar for the first two days and ate a brownie on day three (New Year’s Eve party with the kids).  I am eating more whole foods and less wheat as well.  I am not eliminating anything from my diet 100% but I am cleaning it up to aid the detox.  I am drinking a green smoothie a day and most days I make green juices as well.

I have added rebounder workouts, crunches (which always help my back pain), and more stretching.  I’m trying to spend more time outdoors, especially going on walks and hikes with the family.

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