Sebastian’s Flat Stanley Goes on Many Adventures!

Dear Mrs. Graef’s class,

I hope you enjoy the pictures we took of Flat Stanley’s journey here in Monterey, California!  It’s a beautiful place with lots of fun things to do.  What is your favorite thing Stanley did while he was here?

Sebastian, we miss you and can’t wait to see you when you come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris, Britta, Taiten, Kaia, and Kekoa


Flat Stanley came to us on St. Patrick’s day.  We dressed him up and ate yummy Irish food.


Flat Stanley helped make cookies.


Flat Stanley met a local artist, John Burton.  He has received many awards and his art is even in museums all over the place!  (



We found a natural bench for Flat Stanley to take a rest during a really long walk.


Flat Stanley babysat Channing for a little while, he’s a great helper!  Channing’s mom is recovering from an injury and we get to take care of him during the day, fun!


Flat Stanley, and his new friend Lizard, slide down together.


Flat Stanley found a missing letter and decided to fix it.  Can you tell which letter is missing?


Flat Stanley is pretending to be “Where’s Waldo” in this picture.  Can you find him in this Palm tree?


Flat Stanley thought this statue was pretty.  We also thought it looks a little bit like a LOT of frosting on a cupcake.  It did not taste good.


This man calls himself the Rockstar of Homeless People.  He was fun to talk to.


We were worried that Flat Stanley might become a snack for this seagull, but he was not afraid to take a picture with him.



This is a monument on Cannery Row, a very famous road in Monterey.


This is John Steinbeck.  He is a famous author.  You probably don’t know who he is, but when you are in High School you will read some of his books.  He lived in this area and wrote about it too.


Flat Stanley was hungry and wanted to eat some shrimp.  This one was way too big!  (Also pictured: Taiten)


After the shrimp, Flat Stanley dove into this pile of candy.  Yummy dessert!


Flat Stanley loved the Thomas Kinkade gallery.  Thomas Kinkade painted a lot of very beautiful paintings.


This is a scene from a book written by John Steinbeck called “Cannery Row.”  It’s named after that famous street.  (Also pictured: Taiten, Kaia and Kekoa.)


Flat Stanley’s last adventure in Monterey was to the beach!  He loved building sand castles and walking in the waves.

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